Creating art is attempting to uncover the channel between the visible and the invisible. Living and experiencing in the material and the immaterial reality, day and night, in thought and in dreams is the ground base from which we can be creative. The many directions of creativity are connected above all the many forms of techniques and formal appearances revealing the energies that can nourish our souls.

Artists are exploring the mystery of life by looking through the veil dividing the conscious and the unconsciousness, in an analogous manner as described in The Allegory of the Cave in the book The Republic by Plato. The creative work of art is to reveal the door between these realities and it is then up to the viewer to use their free will to step through that door.

They then might have the opportunity to precieve the sublime vista of the reality where everything is connected and all things are one. True creativity unites people in understanding and awareness beyond traditions, exclusivity and dogmatic beliefs that have separated humanity. By creating art in all it ́s forms, artists hold up human values in the contemporary world where culture and creativity are diminishing into compartmentalized result responsible careers in the age of artificial intelligence.

As a teenager Axel Sutinen had the opportunity to take part with well-known australian artists in an artists collective gallery called The Yellow House in Sydney Australia. This had been created by the artist Martin Sharp & filmmaker Albie Thoms inspired by Vincent Van Gogh ́s Yellow House in Arles, France. Here are his memoirs written about that time.

Then being part in a performance group (the White Company) touring the universities of Australia promoting The 1973 Aquarius Festival, which was a groundbreaking event in multiculturality and sustainable ecology.

Later there were travels through Asia, Europe & the USA after several years of art studies in Finland.

In 1988 he graduated majoring in painting (BFA,Post-Grad.Dip.) from The City Art Institute /COFA, Sydney (now UNSW Art&Design). He participated in many exhibitions notably including the Biennale of Sydney in 1986. Here is an opera-comique written & directed by him in 1989.

1990 back in Helsinki Finland saw several solo-exhibitions, group shows, commissions, collaborations & scenographic projects. One notable scenography project was for a modern dancepiece `Sub Rosa ́ by Carolyn Carlsson for the Cullberg Ballet in Stockholm, Sweden.

In 2000 after receiving a one year grant from Taike, he studied monumental art techniques at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. Later that year he represented The Helsinki 2000 Cultural Capital of Europe program in Bologna,Dozza,Italy at the Muro Dipinto Fresco Biennale.

In 2001 he received a grant from The Finnish Cultural Foundation to establish a collective public art studio. He created & became chairperson for the Visible Space Association involving many other artists and convined in 2002 a one day seminar lecture series on public art in the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma of Finland.

In 2003 the collective studio disbanded due to a lack of funding even though many public works of art had been produced during it ́s 3 year exsistence.

Now his artistic work is divided between living & working in Finland and Portugal painting in various mediums and producing independent films with his partner in life Petri Salo.

If you are interested in the paintings, please, contact Axel direct for more info, prices etc.



M/B/S Complex

2022, Ink and gouache on fabriano paper 90×89 cm


2017, Ink on fabriano paper 250×170 cm

Intuitive creativity

2017, Ink on fabriano paper 45×216 cm

Graffiti on paper

2019, Acrylic & charcoal on paper 80×80 cm


2017, Ink & gouache on fabriano paper 36×25,5 cm

Electro-Magnetic Body

2015, Ink on fabriano paper 94×49 cm


2015, Ink on fabriano paper 36×25,5 cm

Cymatic Forms

2015, Ink on fabriano paper 231×77 cm

(Part1 of)Chromozone Horizon

2014, Ink on fabriano paper 35.5×25 cm

(Part2 of)Chromozone Horizon

2014, Ink on fabriano paper 35.5×25 cm

(Part3 of)Chromozone Horizon

2014, Ink on fabriano paper 35.5×25 cm


2014, Ink and gouache on fabriano paper 35.5×25 cm

Spatial state

2014, Ink and gouache on fabriano paper 35.5×25 cm

Social Memory Complex

2014, Ink on fabriano paper 35.5×25 cm

Etheric Forms

2014, Ink on fabriano paper 36×25,5 cm


2013, Ink & gouache on fabriano paper 77×56 cm


2013, Ink & gouache on fabriano paper 77×56 cm


2012, Mixed media on fabriano paper 77×56 cm


2012, Ink & mixed media on fabriano paper 56×77 cm


2012, Ink, acrylic & oil on linen 120×93 cm

Inbetween the elements-Ether

2011, tempera on wood 28×17.5 cm


2011, Ink and gouache on fabriano paper 40×30 cm


2011, Oil on linen 181×237 cm


2010, Tempera on wood 45×145 cm

Et In Arcadia Ego

2005, Tempera, oil and silverleaf of wood 45×216 cm

Renaissance D`amitie

2003, Oil on linen, 135×270 cm

En Kai Tau

1999, Tempera on antique linen, mixed media on acrylic & wood 300×120 cm

Aqua Nova

1999, Oil on linen,cardinal red antique fabric, mixed media 300×125 cm